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Dr. Hai M. Duong received his Ph.D. at Melbourne University. He was awarded four postdoctoral fellowships at world-class laboratories: University of Oklahoma, USA; University of Tokyo, Japan; Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA and University of Cambridge, UK. Currently, as an Associate Professor at National University of Singapore (NUS) and visiting professor at Stanford University, USA, his research interests are of recycling various wastes, aerogels and carbon-based nanomaterials in science and engineering applications through experiments and computational modeling. He has awarded 6 competitive global innovational awards, 12 granted patents and published over 12 book chapters, 200+ journal papers and conference proceedings. He is the key member of Functional Material Society in Singapore.


Associate Professor with Tenure (July 2017 – Current) National University of Singapore (NUS)

Assistant Professor (Oct 2010 – July 2017) National University of Singapore (NUS)

Visiting Professor (2021-2022), Chemical Engineering, Stanford University, USA

Postdoctoral Fellowships: University of Cambridge, UK (Jan- Oct 2010); Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA (2008-2010); University of Tokyo, Japan (2006-2008); University of Oklahoma, USA (2004-2006)

Ph.D (2000-2004) Chemical Engineering, University of Melbourne, Australia

1. IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Award, 2020, Singapore

2. TechConnect Global Innovation Award 2019, USA

3. International Award of Create the future Contest 2018 of Techbrief, USA

4. TechConnect Global Innovation Award 2016, USA

5. JEC Asia 2016 Innovation Award 2016, Singapore

6. IET Innovation Awards 2016, United Kingdom


1. Start-up grant – R-265-000-361-133 – Project Title: Physics, Nanostructured Transport and Engineering Applications of Carbon-based Nanomaterials. Approving Authority: FRC. Approved budget S$180,000 and Period over 3 years (10/2010-10/2013). PI: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

2. SERC 2011 Public Sector Research Funding (PSF) Grant – Proposal 11212073 – R-265-000-424-305/331- Project Title: Advanced Energy Devices Using Carbon Nanotube Aerogels. Approving Authority: A STAR. Approved budget S$630,396 and Period: 3 years (06/02/2012-05/02/2015). PI: Hai Minh Duong and Co-PI: Lu Li and Jianyong Ouyang (NUS).

3. Environment Technology Research Program (7th RFP) – R-265-000-450-490 (DR)/495 (IDR)- Project Title: Biodegradable, Flexible, and Ultrastrong Cellulose Aerogels from Paper Waste for Replacing Bubble Wrap and Cleaning Oil Spills. Approved budget S$281,700 and Period: 3 years (01/10/2012-31/09/2015). PI: Hai Minh Duong and Co-PI: Tan BC Vincent (NUS). Collaborator: Petroleum Vietnam.

4. NRF POC 11th Grant -R-265-000-514-281-Approved budget S$230,000 and Period: 1 year (15/08/2014-14/07/2015). PI: Hai Minh Duong and Co-PI: Tan BC Vincent (NUS).

5. Defence Research and Technology of MINDEF – R-394-001-077-232 – Project Title: Superstrong Carbon Nanotube Yarns from Nanotube Aerogels. Approved budget S$1,025,000 and Period: 3 years (02/2013-02/2017). PI: Hai Minh Duong and Co-PI: Tan BC Vincent (NUS). Collaborator: University of Cambridge, UK.

6. Defence Research and Technology Office, R-265-000-523-646 – Project Title: ME Centre for Composites Engineering and Research, Approved budget S$3,000,000 and Period: 3 years (01/01/2015-31/12/2017). PI: Tay Tong Earn and Co-PI: Tan BC Vincent, Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

7. Minister of Education (MOE) Tier 2Project Title: Integrated Phototherapy Device for Combined Photodynamic & Photothermal Therapy, Approved budget S$676,412 and Period: 3 years (2015-2018). PI: James Kah and Co-PI: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

8. FB Funding Support – C-265-000-049-001- Project Title: Cotton and PET Aerogels from Environmental Waste, Approved budget PI: Nhan Phan-Thien and Collaborator: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

9. Fundings, R-265-000-682-720 (Mapletree Gift) R-265-000-682-114 (MOE Tier 1 FRC) R-265-000-682-133 (ODPRT) R-265-000-682-731 (ME). Project Title: Metal-Based Aerogels Materials, Approved budget S$ 500,000 and Period: 1.5 years (1 January 2020 – 30 June 2020). PI: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

10. DP Aerogel Inc Funding, R-265-000-A08-597. Project Title: Porous Material Development from Non-woven Technology, Approved Budget S$25,000 . PI: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

11. DSO Funding,  C-265-000-005-001. Project Title: Fabrication of High Temperature Customized Aerogel on Metal Substrate, Approved Budget S$28,000 . PI: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

12. DSO Funding, A-0009461-01-00. Project Title: Exploration Research and Development in Aerogel, Approved Budget S$500,000 . PI: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

13. DSO Funding, A-8001751-00-00. Project Title: R & D on Flexible Aerogel, Approved Budget S$130,000 . PI: Hai Minh Duong (NUS).

11. Conference Committee Chair, International Conference on Innovative Research in Science, Technology and Management (ICIRSTM-18), 29-30 Semtember 2018, Singapore.

10. Session chair of International Conference on Functional Materials (ICFM 2018), 15-17 September 2018, Shanghai, China.

9. Conference Committee Chair, International Conference on Innovative Research in Science, Technology and Management (ICIRSTM-17), 16-17 Semtember 2017, Singapore.

8. Session chair of Carbon Aerogels, 2017 MRS Spring Meeting, 17-21 April 2017, Arizona, USA.

7. Guest Honor and Session chair of International Conference on Contemporary Issues in Science, Engineering and Management (ICCI-SEM-2K17), 18-19 Feb 2017, Bhubaneswar, India.

6. Session chair of International Conference on Recent Innovation in Engineering and Technology (ICRIET 2016), 5-6 Nov 2016, Gunupur, India.

5. Conference Committee Chair, 2016 International Conference on Innovative Engineer Materials (ICIEM 2016), August 20-22, 2016, Singapore.

4. Program committee of 5th Annual International Conference on Sustainable Energy and Environmental Sciences (SEES 2016) February 22-23, 2016, Singapore.

3. Session chair of Nanoparticles and Nanomaterials, APCChE Congress 2015, 27 Sep – 1 Oct 2015, Melbourne, Australia.

2. Program committee of 4th International Conference on Mechanical Engineering, Materials and Energy (ICMEME 2014) November 14-15, 2014, Singapore.

1. Theme chair of carbon-based nanomaterials, IUMRS-ICYRAM 2012, MRS-S, 1-6 July 2012, Singapore.

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